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Version: 2.0

Sendy Setup

Platform Version 2.0


This tutorial will show you how to setup sendy and how to connect to your sendy account.

Creating an Email List

After creating a sendy account, you can find your email lists on the left by clicking "View All Lists". On that page there is an option to add a list. You must add at least one email to the list by default. Options for lists include: ``` AccountDepartment BillingDepartment SupportDepartment Newsletter AccountUpdateNotify ForgotPassword ForgotUsername InvitationRequest PasswordResetConfirmation

Setting proper config for Sendy account

Once your list is created you will be able to find the information you need to set the following config values: (base url where a user will be sent on confirm of welcome email) ({sendyBaseUrl}/subscribe)

Api Key is found by going to Settings found in the top right of your Sendy page. List Id Encoded is found under ID in the Subscriber lists page on Sendy. List ID is found by clicking on the list and then finding the list ID in the url. The url will be formatted like {sendyBaseUrl}/subscribers?i=1&l={listId}.

see (Config) to learn how to set config values

Applying Custom Email Templates

After creating your list, you can edit your HTML template and other properties by going to {sendyBaseUrl}/autoresponders-edit?i=1&a={listId}&ae={listId}

When a confirmation email is sent to a user, you can check the user's confirmation status two different ways:

  • In the list page on the sendy console, if a user has been unsubscribed, that means they've confirmed the welcome email.
  • userStatus property in check token.