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Version: 2.0

Password Generation

GraphGrid contains several services, some of which have default passwords. Many of these default passwords can be replaced by running:

./bin/graphgrid passwords generate

To see a list of default passwords, checkout the service browser access page.

After the password generation command is run, the following commands will need to be run to retrieve the various passwords for the indicated service:

  • ONgDB
./bin/graphgrid config get /2.0/application/default
  • RabbitMQ
./bin/graphgrid config get /2.0/application/default spring.rabbitmq.password
  • MinIO
./bin/graphgrid config get /2.0/application/default spring.minio.secretKey
  • Postgres
./bin/graphgrid config get /2.0/security/default
  • OpenLDAP
./bin/graphgrid config get /2.0/security/default spring.ldap.context.password
  • Airflow
./bin/graphgrid config get /2.0/nlp/default spring.airflow.password
  • Config
./bin/graphgrid config get /2.0/application/default
  • GraphGrid Client Secret
./bin/graphgrid config get /2.0/application/default spring.oauth.client.secret