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Version: 2.0

Environment Variable Config

The vast majority of configuration is done using the Graphgrid Config service as documented here which is backed by either Redis or AWS Parameter Store. However, some configuration properties are set using environment variables. All Graphgrid services accept the following environment variables:

DEBUG0/1Setting DEBUG=1 will enable remote debugging on port 5005
APM_ENABLEDtrue/falseWhether to enable Application Performance Monitoring (APM).
ELASTIC_APM_SERVER_URLURL of APM serverDefault is http://apm-server:8200
AWS_PARAMSTORE_ENABLEDtrue/falseDetermines if services should connect directly to AWS Parameter Store, or to Graphgrid Config.

All of these variables are set in data/env/graphgrid.env. Anything specified in the docker-compose.yml file will override these values. See here for the documentation on Docker Compose environment variables. If you'd like Graphgrid services to connect to AWS, this file is a good place to set AWS_PROFILE and AWS_REGION in addition to a Docker volume mount like ${HOME}/.aws:/root/.aws:ro.